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The Eleventh International Conference on
Mathematics and Mathematics Education in Developing Countries
The  National University of Laos, Laos, November 2-4, 2018

(Last updated: 17 October 2018 )


      Welcome to ICMMEDC 2018

      This is the eleventh in a series of conferences on Mathematics and Mathematics Education in Developing Countries. The purpose of the conference is to attract mathematicians from around the globe to Loas to discuss various opportunities to enhance mathematical activities in the nation and to promote cooperation among Loas mathematicians and their counterparts in Southeast Asia and beyond.  It will provide a forum for the participants to meet and exchange ideas of common interest in an informal atmosphere.

      The conference will be held in cooperation with the Southeast Asia Mathematical Society and other mathematical societies in the region, and supported by the Ministry of Education of Laos.

      The themes of the conference include, but are not limited to, the following topics.

      Pure Mathematics

      a) Algebra, Analysis, Geometry, Graph Theory, Combinatorics

          Applied and Computational Mathematics

          a) Ordinary and partial differential equations with applications

          b) Numerical analysis

          c) Scientific computing

          Mathematics Education

          a) Technology in the mathematics class

          b) Trends in teaching mathematics in basic education and at the university level

          c) Assessment and learning activities in the mathematics classroom

            Local Program Committee

            Assoc. Prof. Bounphanh TONPHENG (PhD.) 

            Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences

            Assoc. Prof. Sackmone SIRISACK

            Vice Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences

            Mr. Keo TIENGMANY

            Vice Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences

            Mr. Khamvane KINNAVONG

            Head of Department  of Mathematics

            Mrs. Khamphou INTHAVONE

            Deputy Head of Department  of Mathematics

            Phoui SOUKSOMVANG (PhD)

            Deputy Head of Department  of Mathematics

            Assoc. Prof. Oudone PHANALASY

            Lecturer of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics

            Assoc. Prof. Thongloune VILAYTHONG

            Head of Research and Academic Service Division, Faculty of Natural Sciences


              International Program Committee

              Prof. Jose Balmaceda (Philippines) 
              Prof. Graeme Fairweather (USA)
              Prof. Wanida Hemakul (Thailand)
              Prof. Morrakot Khebchareon (Thailand)
              Prof. Toh Tin Lam (Singapore)
              Ms. Pauline Anne Therese Mangulabnan (Japan)
              Prof. Fidel Nemenzo (Philippines)
              Prof. Amiya Pani (India)
              Prof. Francesco Pappalardi (Italy)
              Prof. Carlene P. C. Pilar-Arceo (Philippines)
              Prof. Chan Roath (Cambodia)
              Prof. Padmanabhan Seshaiyer (USA) 
              Prof. Nyunt Swe (Myanmar)
              Prof. Michel Waldschmidt (France) 

            Confirmed Speakers

            Honorary Chair
            Prof. Wanida Hemakul (Thailand) and Prof. Fidel Nemenzo (Philippines)
            Keynote Speaker
            Prof. Michel Waldschmidt (France)
            Public Speaker
            Prof. Toh Pee Choon (Singapore)
            Plenary Speakers  
            Prof. Dinesh  Sarvate (USA)  Prof. Kenji Ueno (Japan)
            Prof. Jose Balmaceda (Philippines) Prof. Sounthone Phommasone (Laos)
            Prof. Michael Dorff (USA) Prof. Valerio Talamanca (Italy)
            Invited Speakers  

            1. Prof. Leif Abrahamsson (Sweden) 

            2. Prof. Viswanathan Arunachalam (Colombia)

            3. Prof. Kalyan Chakraborty (India) 

            4. Prof. Francis Campena (Italy) 

            5. Prof. Seiji Fujino (Japan)

            6. Prof. Mark Anthony Garcia (Philippines) 

            7. Prof. Laura Geatti (Italy) 

            8. Prof. Wanida Hemakul (Thailand) 

            9. Prof. Azizul Hoque (India) 

            10. Prof. Morrakot Khebchareon (Thailand)

            11. Prof. Shanta Laishram (India) 

            12. Prof. Zaw Latt (Myanmar) 

            13. Prof. Claude Levesque (Canada) 

            14. Prof. Ohm Mar (Myanmar) 

            15. Prof. John Meakin (USA) 

            16. Prof. John Vincent Morales (Philippines) 

            17. Prof. Pauline Anne Therese Mangulabnan (Philippines)

            18. Prof. Oudone Phanalasy (Laos)

            19. Prof. Francesco Pappalardi (Italy) 

            20. Prof. Chan Roath (Cambodia) 

            21. Prof. Shin Watanable (Japan) 

            22. Prof. Michele Tan 

            23. Prof. Victor Tan (Singapore) 

            24. Prof. Dhan Kumari Thapa (Nepal) 

            25. Prof. Toh Tin Lam (Singapore) 

            26. Prof. Liming Xiong (China) 

            27. Prof. Tan Ser Peow (Singapore) 

            28. Prof. Joaquim Correia (Portugal)



            Registration Information 

            Registration Fees

            Registration Fees
            Standard (Non-Presenting Participants from Developed Countries) 170 USD
            Standard (Non-Presenting Participants from SEAMS Countries) 120 USD
            International Students (Non-Presenting) 120 USD
            Presenting International Participants 70 USD
            Local Participants 50 USD
            Local Student Participants 40 USD
            Registration fees cover: Conference materials, the conference dinner, daily coffee breaks and lunch.

            Invitation Letter Request:

            An INVITATION LETTER or an INVITATION LETTER FOR VISA APPLICATION will be issued upon request for every registered participant in the conference. Please include your complete salutation, email address, university details and position.

            Please send your request for an invitation letter to Bouasy Doungsavanh at



            Submission of Contributed Talks/ Poster Presentation

            Participants wishing to give a short presentation either as a contributed talk (20 minutes in length) or in a poster session are requested to submit their abstracts on or before October 10, 2018.

            Notification of abstract acceptance will be given by October 15, 2018. The final program will be posted on October 30, 2018.

            Example Latex-Format, Latex-Example, Abstract(PDF)

            Please email your abstract as a Latex file with a PDF copy



            Preliminary Program

            Plenary Speakers: 50 (45+5) minutes
            Invited Speakers:  30 (25+5) minutes
            Contributed Speakers: 20 (15+5) minutes

                  Day 1: November 2, 2018
                  7:00 - 8:00 Registration
                  8:00 - 8:35   Opening Ceremony and Conference Photograph
                  8:40 - 9:30 Keynote Address: Prof. Michael Waldschmidt (France)
                  9:30 - 10:00   TEA 
                  10:00 - 11:00  Invited Speakers (I)
                  11:00 - 12:00  Plenary Speaker: Prof. Dinesh  Sarvate (USA) 
                  12:00 - 13:00  LUNCH 
                  13:00 - 13:50 Plenary Speaker: Prof. Kenji Ueno (Japan)
                  14:00 - 15:00 Invited Speakers (II)
                  15:00 - 15:30  TEA 
                  15:30 - 16:30 Invited Speakers (III)
                  16:30 - 17:00 Contributed Papers/Posters
                  Day 2: November 3, 2018
                  7:30 - 8:00 Attendance/Registration
                  8:00 - 8:10   Day 1 Conference Re-cap
                  8:10 - 9:00  Plenary Speaker: Prof. Valerio Talamanca (Italy)
                  9:10 - 10:10   Invited Speakers (IV)
                  10.10 -10.40 TEA 
                  10.40 - 11:40   Invited Speakers (V)
                  11:40 - 12:40  LUNCH 
                  12:40 - 13:30  Plenary Speaker: Prof. Jose Balmaceda (Philippines)
                  13:40 - 14.40 Invited Speakers (VI)
                  14:40 - 15:10  TEA 
                  15:10 - 16.10 Invited Speakers (VII)
                  16:20 - 17:20 Public Lecture: Prof. Toh Pee Choon (Singapore)
                  Day 3: November 4, 2018
                  7:30 - 8:00 Attendance/ Registration
                  8:00 - 8:10   Day 2 Conference Re-cap
                  8:10 - 9:00  Plenary Speaker: Prof. Michael Dorff (USA)
                  9:10 - 9:50   (International) Panel Discussion on Developing Mathematics in the Region: Experiences from Different Regions
                  9:50 -10:20 TEA 
                  10:20 - 11:20   Plenary Speaker: Prof. Sounthone PHOMMASONE (LAOS)
                  11:20 - 12:00  Closing Ceremony

            Conference Venue

                National University of Laos

                National University of Laos

                Conference Hotel

                Sengkeo Hotel


                Chommany Village, Saysettha District, Vientiane, Lao, 01000 Vientiane, Laos

                Room charge: 45~65 USD with breakfast

                website: http://sengkeohotel.com

                Excursion: Will be announced shortly.


                Previous Conference

                The first five conferences in the series were held annually in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, from 2008 until 2012, organized by Dr. Chan Roath, Director of the Department of Scientific Research, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Cambodia, and President of the Cambodian Mathematical Society. The 6th and 7th Conferences were held at Mandalay University, Myanmar, November 1-3, 2013 and November 7-9, 2014, respectively, in cooperation with the American Mathematical Society and the Southeast Asian Mathematical Society. They were chaired by Professor Nyunt Swe, Pro-Rector, Mandalay University of Distance Education.  Yangon University, Yangon, Myanmar, hosted the 8th Conference, which was chaired by Professor Dr. Win Kyi, chair of the Mathematics Department. The 9th and 10th Conferences were held at Mandalay University, Myanmar again in 4-6 November 2016 and November 10-12,2017, respectively. Each of the recent conferences attracted approximately 400 participants from 20 different countries. One exceptionally important outcome of the 6th Conference was the launching of the Mathematical Society of Myanmar on November 3, 2013.


                Pictures of Previous Conferences


                Group picture: The 6th conference at Mandalay University, 1-3 November 2013


                Group picture: The 7th conference at Mandalay University, 7-9 November 2014


                Group picture: The 8th conference at Yangon University, 4-6 December 2015


                Group picture: The 9th conference at Mandalay University, 4-6 November 2016


                Group picture: The 10th conference at Mandalay University,10-12 November 2017


                Preconference Workshop

                National University of Laos

                Day 1 (October 31, 2018)

                Workshop Strands
                Undergraduates Students
                Graduate Students and University Professors
                Basic Education Math Teachers
                7:30 - 8:20
                Registration for Participants
                8:20 - 9:00
                Opening Ceremony
                9:00 - 12.00
                Dinesh Sarvate
                Francis Joseph Campena
                Pauline Mangulabnan
                Francis Joseph Campena
                Michel Waldschmidt
                Pauline Mangulabnan

                Day 2(November 1, 2018)

                Workshop Strands
                Undergraduates Students
                Graduate Students and University Professors
                Basic Education Math Teachers
                8:00 - 8:30
                Registration for Participants
                9:00 - 12.00
                Wanida Hemakul
                Jose Vincent Morales
                Toh Tin Lam
                Morrakot Khebchareon
                Dinesh Sarvate
                Toh Tin Lam

                Participant Registration Fee 15 USD to cover kits and snacks



            1. Southeast Asia Mathematical Society (SEAMS)

            2. Roman Number Theory Association (RTNA)

            3. Commission for Developing Countries of the International Mathematical Union (CDC/IMU)

            4. MOFA

            5. MOE


            Contact Person